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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2008 11:14 am

To all new members please follow the rules as laid out here

1. No discrimination of any kind this will mean an instant ban.

2. Bad language will be tolerated but anything deemed excessive or over the top or aimed at any member will be removed and you will receive a warning by pm .

3. threatening behaviour is an instant ban.

4. The Shooting section of this forum is mostly for chat about target shoot but chat about hunting is allowed and pictures can be posted but nothing of a to graphic nature will be allowed the poster of the picture will be asked to remove or edit or replace the picture with something more acceptable , at the end of the day if its pics of your days kills then that's fine but nothing with to higher gore content will be allowed

5. rule's will be added or changed with out notice.

6. An Admins decision is final.

7. There is a age limit of 15 years old and over how ever we do have a Junior section and any bad language will be removed and or the that post

8. please can all posts be kept in there relevant forum.

9. In the target shooting and hints and tips section of this forum there is to be no discussion on how to up the power of any air rifle or pistol these section are for general talk on target shooting/hunting or problem solving so any post relating to uprating the power of an air-rifle to over 12ftlbs or a pistol to over 6 ftbls will be removed so
just don't ask.

10. In the gaming section hints and tips the discussion of cheats and hacks is allowed but how ever if and when the warlords of hell decide to start up there own servers cheating will not be allowed this also goes for any of the {MBC} servers cheating will not be tolerated in any form.

11. The Today's News forum is for having a laugh on and is to be of a fictitious nature how ever please do not put anything racist, anti religion, any post about gender must not be aimed at anyone who will take offence and anyone who takes part in this sort of joking around must keep it aimed at them selves and the members who agree to take part in this sort of ribbing however if anyone take's offence to this sort of horse play has the right to request that the posts be removed via a post on that forum or a pm to the admin,
But please do remember the today's news forum is for taking the piss out of each other in a fictitious manner and
nothing personal is meant by any of the post so the use of user names is advised or no names at all if possible

12. This community is for the discussion of are hobbies and interests and not a soap box for any fundamentalist
view's weather that be religion or race this includes the today's news section which is meant for a laugh and a
laugh only, any posts that are aimed at inciting any sort of hate issue will be removed and passed onto the
correct authorities.

13. Tags the =WOH= Tags are not a right you need to have given by the admin also the =MOH= part of the tag is to be coloured red in game your user name cane be any colour you want also the use of warlord or overlord is not allowed as 2 of the admin have these tags already and these admin don't carry the =WOH= tags this is for monitoring of the server/servers When no other =WOH= Admin are on.

14. Please keep any chat about someone cheating out of the game server post it on the forum with the details of who was cheating/hacking what they was doing the date the time and the admin will deal with it please don't let them dray you into a argument its not worth it and it will only spoil your and everyone Else's game please again just post it on the forum and / or email/ pm me or the any of the other admin moderators and it will be dealt with asap
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Forum Rules
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